Lynah Dian-Bir

ORIGIN: Parelton

SPECIES: Orion (mixed Green and Gray)

BIRTH NAME: Lynah Dian


POSITION: Captain of the Parelton



In 2388, Melani Dian carried out the "purge" of the Orion Syndicate . As more and more members were deemed untrustworthy, a mixed couple fled to the husband's clan, a poorly organized group of Gray Orions. The wife took her husband's name in protest against Melani's actions, and her daughter became Lynah Dian-Bir.

The 16 year old Lynah, unable to rejoin her maternal clan and seeing no opportunities with her father's, decided to strike out on her own, and keeping her mixed blood a secret, found a job using her natural attributes in favor of a freighter and her captain, Irabeth.

Lynah barely noticed the small blue girl her crewmate took under his wing. Moonshine returned after graduating Starfleet Academy and offered Lynah a more lucrative post with more freedom aboard the Parelton, a privately-owned Ishmael-class trading vessel.

Serving as tactical officer and consistently as Second officer under Zuna, Micah, Serik and Fen, she divided her time between semi-serious bridge duty and trade excursions with Rin, a Ferengi.

The Parelton's trip into the Mirror universe brought her into contact with Subcommander Liyanna Sev, and with the establishment of Ei'krih'Kuhaosev, she found herself promoted to Captain of the Parelton, flagship of the Ei'krih'Kuhaosev merchant navy.