Moonshine tr'Khasei

ORIGIN: Parelton

SPECIES: Adaptive Vulcanoid


CURRENT AGE: 35 (13)

POSITION: Kheinsa of Interstellar Trade


PARENTS: Aekhra (Mirror)

SPOUSE/PARTNER: Fen Siriun tr'Khasei

CHILDREN: Torkalir tr'Khasei IIL'Vythyad tr'KhaseiAidoann tr'KhaseiDeri Olesai-tr'Khasei

In 2401, a freighter picked up a drifting escape pod near the edge of the Delta Quadrant. The ship's Chief Engineer, L'Vythyad Ishmael, adopted the amnesiac female inside, naming her Moonshine.

After several months aboard the freighter, Moonshine decided to join Starfleet, and with the help of the ship's captain, Irabeth, entered the Academy.

Graduating in 2405 as a holoengineer, Ensign Moonshine was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Christopher, gaining a commendation and rapid promotion to Lieutenant for advancing the medical application of holotechnology. 

The promotion was short-lived, as Moonshine's adoptive father revealed that he was terminally ill. Dying in her arms aboard the newly completed Parelton he had been building in his spare time, Ishmael left the ship and its skeleton crew to his daughter.

Moonshine resigned her Starfleet commission and took command of the Parelton, offering positions on her crew to members of Irabeth's crew she had known whilst aboard the freighter. Gaining a reputation as a smuggler/trader and occasional mercenary over the next six years, Moonshine developed an extensive network of contacts in and around the Beta Ursae block as well as within the Federation and parts of Klingon space, with the help of Lynah and Rin .

She met Fen tr'Khasei, then using the alias Fen Thompson, through his first officer Liyanna Sev, and when her First Officer, Serik, was killed by an Orion boarding party, Moonshine offered Fen the position. Their existing attraction quickly developed into a relationship.

Fen discovered a Mirror Universe Tal Shiar presence on Draylon II whilst accompaying Moon to discuss a trading agreement with the Skrreeans , and they decided to investigate.

Fen and Moon married shortly before following Fen's brother Trak into the Mirror Universe, where they discovered, through a Prime Universe Starfleet Intelligence operative , that Moonshine was the daughter of a Mirror Universe scientist named Aekhra who had been developing a genetically engineered Romulanoid supersoldier for use against the Terran Empire in a united Vulcan-Romulan plot to free themselves from Terran oppression, and had used his daughter as the first test subject.

Distraught by this revelation, Moon suffers a mental breakdown and hands over command of the Parelton to Fen. 

Moon witnesses the death of her father at her husband's hands, and takes back command of the Parelton until the foundation of Ei'krih'Kuhaosev when she is named Kheinsa of Interstellar Trade and hands command of her ship to Lynah.

After Ei'krih'Kuhaosev brokered a ship building deal with the Lobi Consortium, Moonshine retired the Parelton from active use, retaining it as her personal vessel.