Rin Teruggi

ORIGIN: Parelton

SPECIES: Ferengi/Human


POSITION: Kheinsa of Finance

Raised by his mother, the young Ferengi despised his half-human father for neglecting trade to pursue a career in Starfleet.

At 17 he stole a cargo of Saurian brandy from a cousin and tried to sell it to a passing freighter. His sales pitch caught the ear of its captain, Irabeth, who offered him a bunk and a base of operations aboard her ship, for a modest cut of his profits.

The arrangement proved lucrative for both parties, but when Moonshine offered a similar contract three years later, Rin jumped at the additional freedom the Parelton offered.

When Ei'krih was founded, Rin managed to obtain the post of Kheinsa of Finance at the early age of 27, leaving active trade for a more administrative domestic role.